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Hello, my name is Clare. I live on a farm in Monmouth, Oregon, United States. I raise egg laying chickens. Monmouth, Oregon is in the Willamette Valley. The Willamette Valley is an agricultural area.

These are photographs of my chickens:

Click on a picture to find out more about that breed of chicken.



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Links: This is a link to a free-range egg farm in Germany.


It is important that as one of the species on Planet Earth, we DO NOT DESTROY OUR ONLY HOME!!!!!

Help Stop Global Warming Now!!!


I am also interested in genealogy. These are websites for towns and regions that some of my ancestors are from.

A Map of German Dialects

Dialects in Hessen, Germany

Mappershain, Hessen

Nastätten, Rheinland - Pfalz

Sankt Goar, Rheinland -Pfalz

Partenheim, Rheinland - Pfalz

Fürfeld, Rheinland - Pfalz

Aspisheim, Rheinland - Pfalz

Rüssingen, Rheinland - Pfalz


Lindau am Bodensee, Bayern

A Brief History Of Prussia

Klein Krebs, Prussia-Rakowice, Poland

Marienwerder, Prussia and Klein Krebs, Prussia

Niederzehren, Prussia

Niederzehren, Prussia-Czarne Dolne, Poland


Nynorsk-Dialect from Norway

Vågå Community, Norway (in German)

Vågå Community, Norway (in English)

Ottadalen (in Norwegian)

Vågåmo (town), Ottadalen, Norway (in Norwegian)


Nova Scotia, Canada

Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada

West Bend, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Menomonie, Wisconsin

Portland, Oregon

Monmouth, Oregon




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